A Profile Of Neil Cavuto The News Reporter


One of my favorite TV new commentators is Neil Cavuto. As many may know, Neil has a program that airs on Fox News weekdays at 4:00 p.m. EST. I like Neil because I believe he gives an accurate account of the news.

Neil served as an White House Intern during the US Presidency of Jimmy Carter’s Administration. He spent 15 years with the Public Broadcasting Service. He has received several awards in journalism, one being the Wall Street Journal’s Best Interviewer in Business News for four consecutive years. He also hosted a news program called Power Lunch.

cavutoMr. Cavuto came over from CNBC Network. He was a news contributor of CNBC and NBC Today. In 1996, he became managing editor of Fox business news and TV anchor and later became vice president of business news in 2006. He serves in 3 positions for Fox concurrently. Neil has a syndicated radio business news segment.

Cavuto is the author of More Than Money and Your Money or Your Life.

Born September 22, 1958, Neil lives with his wife, Mary Fulling, in New Jersey. They have been married since 1983 and have three children.

Potshots From A Hypocrite – By Neil Cavuto

Since no good deed goes unpunished, leave it to The New York Times to take a shot at me. Not The Times itself, but columnist Paul Krugman, who blasts me for my apparent blatant partisanship.

He writes:

“Neil Cavuto of Fox News is an anchor, not a commentator. Yet after Baghdad’s fall he told ‘those who opposed the liberation of Iraq’ — a large minority — that ‘you were sickening then; you are sickening now.'”

First off, Mr. Krugman, let me correct you: I’m a host and a commentator, just like you no doubt call yourself a journalist and a columnist. So my sharing my opinions is a bad thing, but you spouting off yours is not?

Exactly who’s the hypocrite, Mr. Krugman? Me, for expressing my views in a designated segment at the end of the show? Or you, for not so cleverly masking your own biases against the war in a cheaply written column?